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ABPCO-event-logos-roundtableABPCO roundtable events

These are peer to peer forums for conference organisers to come together to share best practice.  They give an opportunity to share recent experiences and, importantly, to formulate a collective view of the common challenges that lie ahead.    The meetings are ‘closed’ and Chatham House Rules apply.

Next Dates for the ABPCO Round Table Meetings:

As an ABPCO organiser member, you are invited to a bespoke hosted buyer experience surrounding The Conference and Hospitality Show 2017, Leeds.

The experience will take place on the 3rd and 4th April 2017* and comprises of:

  • A bespoke tour of hotels and venues in the Leeds area that particularly lend themselves to association events.
  • Attendance at a round table discussion on Innovation
  • Complimentary lunch and welcome reception on 3rd April
  • Complimentary overnight accommodation
  • VIP status at The Conference and Hospitality Show which includes complimentary lunch, seminars, exhibition and after show party.


3rd April

1pm: Complimentary lunch and welcome reception

2.30 pm: Bespoke familiarisation visit

5pm: Free time and check in to hosted buyer hotel

7pm: Hosted buyer welcome party at a nearby venue

4th April

9.30 am: ABPCO Round table discussion, hosted by Prof Rhodri Thomas of Leeds Becket University

Venue: The Rosebowl, Leeds (opposite the first direct Arena – 2 minutes walk)

Subject: Innovation

Innovation is key: in business, in life and in your role as a PCO. Embracing an innovative approach will enable you to stay ahead of the curve in an ever increasingly competitive environment. But how can we incorporate innovation into everything we do?

‘Absorptive capacity’ is one of the most prominent ideas to emerge in management studies over the past two decades.  Research suggests that an ability to acquire and use knowledge from a diverse range of external networks leads to greater innovation and competitive advantage.

Professor Rhodri Thomas will give a short presentation on recently published research conducted in the meetings industry with a view to stimulating a lively round table discussion about how individual PCOs can embrace innovation and take a more innovative approach.

Professor Rhodri Thomas is Dean of the School of Events, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Leeds Beckett University. Until recently, he was a Board member of ABPCO.

11.30am: Visit the Conference and Hospitality Show as VIPs

Venue: firstdirect Arena, Leeds

To book your place, register online at

Use promo code ABPCO to ensure you are included in the bespoke programme

*Sessions on 3rd April are not compulsory, however members who take advantage of the complimentary accommodation must commit to attending the round table discussion and the Conference and Hospitality Show on the 4th April

Conference session open to all ABPCO members

Led by Martin Linfield of Hiscox Event Insurance

Risk assessments and cyber security

As an event organiser, it’s impossible to plan for every eventuality. From injured guests to a closed venue or damaged property, there’s always the chance of the unexpected – no matter how organised you are. As event organisers become ever more reliant on technology, the risks faced continue to grow, particularly for those who may hold large quantities of delegate and client data, as well as being reliant on computers and websites to manage bookings and promote events. From data breaches to hackers, these risks can lead to lost revenue, a damaged reputation, and legal and regulatory costs, not to mention the associated business disruption. This practical, inter-active session will explore some of the risks event organisers face and how you can protect your business and your reputation, so you’re prepared for when the unexpected happens.

Book via The Meetings Show web site  and use the link here for the hosted buyer programme and quote ABPCO

Roundtable session open to all ABPCO PCO members

Exhibition trends, top tips and best practice

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Roundtable session open to all ABPCO PCO members

‘What keeps you awake at night?’

We will run 2 separate streams from 11am – 1pm where in-house PCOs and agency PCOs can each share best practice and discuss challenges with their peers.  There will be a combined networking lunch from 1pm – 2pm and then all attendees will come together for a plenary session to discuss the mornings outcomes and help provide solutions.

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