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ABPCO Best Practice Visits 2018-01-12T17:21:36+01:00


ABPCO Best Practice Visits

ABPCO Promoting Conference Exchange Visits

ABPCO are delighted to announce the launch of a programme of facilitated conference visits to promote collaborative learning and good practice.

These visits are an excellent opportunity for ABPCO in-house PCO members to collaborate with industry colleagues, learning from each other to improve the service their association provides for its members through its conferences.

ABPCO firmly believes that key to innovation is the facilitation of conversations between its members and this is just one of a number of opportunities ABPCO provides building on their mandate advocating the latest technology, education, networking and best practice principles.

If you are an in-house* PCO and member of ABPCO and would like to visit one of the following conferences, or are happy to invite ABPCO colleagues to a conference you are organising then please contact