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ABPCO Executive

The Executive Committee is comprised of the Chair and up to five others drawn from the full members, together with one member drawn where possible from each additional member category.

Members of the Executive Committee are registered with Companies House as Directors of the company.

The Executive committee are responsible, in conjunction with the Association Director, for the general running of the Association, handling membership applications, business development strategy, finance, information services, and the preparation of policy for discussion by members. The Association Director, ABPCO chairs and members of the Executive Committee will also represent the interests of the Association to all appropriate Government agencies, industry bodies, and the media.

Executive Committee members are elected to serve for a three-year period. At the conclusion of this three-year term, members will have the opportunity either to elect replacements or to renew the appointment of the retiring member(s) for a further period of one year.

The current board is made up as follows;

Kate Sargent – PCO representative (Agency) – Joint Chair

Jo Powel – PCO representative (In-house) – Joint Chair

Rose Padmore – PCO representative (Agency) –  Immediate Past Joint Chair

Therese Dolan – PCO representative (In-house) – Immediate Past Joint Chair

Martin Linfield – Sponsor representative – Treasurer

Sarah Fitzpatrick – PCO representative (Agency)

James Caldwell – PCO representative (Agency)

Shelley Spencer – Partner representative

Sandro Carnicelli – University representative

Adam Baggs – PR & Marketing