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Elizabeth Filippouli

Region: United Kingdom

Company: Global Thinkers
Position: CEO

8 St James’s Square

Phone: 0845 634 7820
Fax: 0844 774 7558

Elizabeth Filippouli is an entrepreneur and the Founder & CEO of Global Thinkers Forum (GTF), an international organization that organizes events and acts as an agent for positive change by connecting international thought leaders and promoting values-based leadership, collaboration and cross-cultural understanding. GTF is London-based with presence in 5 countries: UK, Jordan, Turkey, Greece, UAE and a fast growth rate.

Elizabeth was recently named among Oxford University’s Said Business School’s 42 top graduate entrepreneurs.

GTF_Logo_Opt_02In 2010 Elizabeth launched Global Thinkers as a management consultancy with forward thinking expertise in values-based leadership and customized training for organizational and human development.

Among Global Thinkers’ clients are companies and organizations like: National Lottery UK, World Economic Forum, European Union, SBS, AGL.

Elizabeth has longtime expertise in event oganising, managing change and working in very complex and culturally diverse environments. She has been an international journalist for fifteen years working with Greek media, CNN, Al Jazeera English and NewsXchange.

She is also a mentor for Oxford Women Business Alumni Network. Among her recent projects was advising the EU for the creation of an online platform to improve communication between Governments, CSO and media between North and South as well as the World Economic Forum for the editorial repositioning the WEF’s Global Outlook Report.