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Jo Rammell 2019-04-03T11:48:13+01:00

Jo Rammell

Region:      West Midlands
Company:  Connect Events
Position:    Conference & Events Organiser

4 Knotts Avenue,

Phone: 07725 257126
Twitter: @ConnectEvents2U

Jo began her thirst for organising events and meetings whilst working for the European Space Agency in Darmstadt, Germany. Returning to England, whilst owning a corporate accommodation business, she also worked as a secretary to the Worcester Tourism Association. Her experience in organising events and campaigns, meetings, accommodation and AGM’s grew, and so, Connect Events was born!

Jo has experience in a range of organisations, particularly with medical, health and science companies.  Jo enjoys travelling and is happy to work in the UK and internationally.

Jo enjoys creating events large or very small, being the “extra pair of hands” onsite, whatever is required, but each event is given full attention to detail and Jo will often go the extra mile to ensure everyone is taken care of.