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Food and drink have become increasingly important to the visitor experience and our work within some of the UK’s cultural and historic institutions has given us great insights into what visitors and guests are looking for. Leisure venues are also able to accommodate for multiple, small and large meetings and events.

The venues offer exceptional facilities for Association conferences, receptions & dinners. The venues are mindful of the importance of key transport links, airport accessibility and catering can be tailored according to the theme together with creative ways to accommodate special dietary requirements for all delegates. Support for AV and IT together with Wi-Fi capability gives a great platform to build bespoke events.

The versatility of the venues enables them to be able to match requirements such as;

  • Main Plenary Rooms
  • Exhibition Areas
  • Organisers office
  • Breakout syndicate spaces
  • Catering area
  • Gala Dinner Venue