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ABPCO-event-logos-roundtableABPCO roundtable events

These are peer to peer forums for conference organisers to come together to share best practice.  They give an opportunity to share recent experiences and, importantly, to formulate a collective view of the common challenges that lie ahead.    The meetings are ‘closed’ and Chatham House Rules apply.

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 Maximise your delegates’ catering experience

On one level, food and drink is a basic necessity.

On another, it can absolutely make or break a successful conference.

Catering can be the biggest source of complaints, yet other times barely mentioned at all. Get it right and you may not receive accolades, but get it wrong and you’ll know all about it.

Flexibility in food and beverage can also be the biggest sticking point between a conference organiser and a venue.

Added to this complex mix, awareness of dietary needs and demands for greater choice in food are becoming more complex with expectations rising higher and higher.

So what’s the key to getting the right balance at the right cost?

In short, how do you make sure catering is seamless, successful and satisfying?

Join us to explore one of the most common but complicated topics faced by all professional conference organisers and venues.

Amongst other topics, we’ll discuss:

  • Trends in catering – healthy eating versus biscuits and bacon butties
  • The dynamics of delegate flow and keeping delegates fed and watered
  • The increasing role that budget plays in decision-making – what does value look like?
  • Emerging interest in the “local cuisine” experience
  • The advantages and disadvantages of different options – from bowl food to cash catering
  • Do purpose-built venues have a competitive edge over others?
  • What does “flexibility” in catering mean for both the conference organiser and venue?

ABPCO Building Brilliance Experience Programme  #leadtheway

Join Team ICC Wales for a welcome dinner and overnight stay prior to the ABPCO roundtable, and find out all the latest on the UK’s most exciting new, purpose-built venue.

Wednesday 7th February
From 4.00pm Arrive at your leisure and check in for a complimentary overnight stay at the Celtic Manor Resort Hotel
7.00pm Be our guest for a fabulous welcome dinner with Team ICC Wales
Thursday 8th February
8:30am Breakfast at your leisure
9.30am Visit to our Sensory Sales Suite, overlooking the ICC Wales construction site, and a short tour of our partner hotel, Coldra Court
11.45am Registration and lunch
12.15pm ABPCO Round Table Discussions
2.15pm Close and depart at leisure

Please note this event is for Full and Associate ABPCO PCO members only

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UK HEALTHCARE REGULATORY COMPLIANCE: the implications for the Medical Society meeting
Tuesday, 27 March 2018, The Victory Services Club, London 11am – 2.30pm

Healthcare Regulatory compliance ostensibly is the main responsibility of the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, giving direction in a self-regulatory environment, which determines how they operate and engage with healthcare professionals, patient organisations and the general public.

However as organisers of “3rd party scientific meetings, which create an engagement platform for industry to come together with the various stakeholder groups, the impact of the decisions being taken by the commercial healthcare sector and their regulatory bodies are having a direct impact in the administration, event design and revenue streams of Society meetings.

Whilst medical societies could disregard the healthcare regulatory changes and elect not to accommodate them, in doing so it is likely to result in the commercial stakeholders withdrawing their support for the association activities. This is likely to have a significant impact on revenue and viability of Society’s activities, as well as being detrimental to the content and research being discussed.

There is still significant confusion and misunderstanding of what the various codes mean for Society meeting organisers and how they can take account of the codes that apply to create a meeting or congress which offers a compliant environment for industry stakeholders .

In this seminar we will plan to build understanding of:
• Who are the regulators?
• Are their differences impacting national and international meetings?
• The areas of meeting delivery most likely to be “hot spots”
• What’s new? – EFPIA Tov, Medtech Europe Direct HCP sponsorship and how do these apply in the UK
• Understanding the revised IPCAA Guidelines
• Congress vetting
• Your Questions answered

Facilitator: Caroline Mackenzie, Global Association Partners 

Audience Relevance
• In-house medical society PCOs
• PCOs managing medical society meetings
• Venues and destination stakeholders targeting the medical meeting sector

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