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ABPCO-event-logos-roundtableABPCO roundtable events

These are peer to peer forums for conference organisers to come together to share best practice.  They give an opportunity to share recent experiences and, importantly, to formulate a collective view of the common challenges that lie ahead.    The meetings are ‘closed’ and Chatham House Rules apply.

Next Dates for the ABPCO Round Table Meetings:

‘Sustainability Road Map’

Hosted by ICC, Birmingham 12 – 2pm

Full Details to follow over the summer

Please note this event is for: PCO and Associate Members, Preferred Partner and Hiscox

To book a place at this event, please email Heather Lishman

‘Collaboration to Enhance Experience’ Joint Fam Trip and Roundtable
Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th November 2018, Edinburgh International Convention Centre

Fam Trip and Roundtable Overview:

Day 1 Monday 12th November:

  • Travel to Edinburgh (AM)
  • Lunch for morning arrivals (Sheraton)
  • Check in to Hotel (split between Principle Hotels: Charlotte Square & George Street)
  • Hotel showround
  • Dinner at the National Museum of Scotland, catering by Heritage

Day 2 Tuesday 13th November

  • EICC Showround
  • Edinburgh Partner Presentations / networking (1-hour max) looking to invite a number of specific city partners relevant to the Association business to come in to meet with the guests.
  • ABPCO Lunch and round table discussion on Industry collaboration (facilitated session)
    • How can venues collaborate with PCOs to exceed expectations?
    • Collaborations with academia – how to develop the event stars of the future
    • Destination collaborations in delivering “Green Events” and what does that mean today and in the future
    • Collaborations with in house teams to deliver technology as part of a conference programme
    • Best Practice – examples of successful collaborations
  • Guests depart

Audience Relevance:

Bookings: To book a place at this event, please email Heather Lishman