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Getting into the Events Industry

There are many ways to enter the field of professional conference organising.

Indeed many current ABPCO members run their own events business either as a company or a sole trader. Others act as independent contractors/consultants or are employed by a company specializing in event organising.

Starting up in this industry requires dedication, persistence, patience and a great deal of hard work. Those who run their own companies require business skills in addition to organising and creativity skills.

For many, the actual running of the business is the most challenging part of the job and it is important for you to be aware of this before embarking on a new venture.

Exciting and rewarding career

ABPCO strongly believes that working in events can be an exciting and rewarding career.  PCO’s often facilitate the advancement in knowledge among communities of experts.  For those looking to make a career change, this is an exciting and rewarding profession. However, just running an event is only part of the equation. Understanding the needs of the clients, being able to adapt and think on your feet, being prepared to work evenings, weekends and bank holidays come with the territory!

Finally, an ability to establish strong working relationships with clients is pivotal to any successful business

Whilst it is a highly competitive industry operating, like most, in difficult economic times, there are many opportunities for the professional who is prepared to work hard and show passion for what they want to achieve.

ABPCO gives you access to industry information

Being a member of ABPCO can give you that invaluable access to information, contacts and expertise to help you acquire and hone these necessary skills. And ABPCO can also help you by offering you the chance to be part of an association that cares about its members and channels a great deal of energy into networking, education and professional development.

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