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Sustainability & CSR

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Sustainability and CSR

We know that meetings can achieve great things; knowledge sharing. learning, fellowship, collaboration and even cures for illness and the solving of global problems or political challenges.  When it comes to sustainability we can go so much further and drive specific changes that can directly impact the world around us and what that world will be for future generations.  Now is the time to take a stand as an industry and include sustainability goals and targets in all our events.

With an incomparable reach, the meetings industry has a critical role to play in moving forward the sustainability agenda, with millions of attendees and stakeholders engaged in meetings every year, spanning a wide cross section of all sectors of business, government, academia, and community. The work of the meetings industry wields meaningful influence on how knowledge and business practices evolve, and supports economic, professional, social, and academic advancement to the benefit of all.

To reduce the environmental impact of events and support a more sustainable future for all, ABPCO members are asked to consider implementing the following actions:

  1. ABPCO members commit to advancing access, diversity, equity, inclusion, and wellbeing of all people, as priorities in their workplace and at events, so supporting sustainable growth across the UK Events Industry.
  2. Comply with and exceed where possible, all applicable legislation, regulation and codes of practice relating to sustainability.
  3. Make sustainability considerations a core element of the business planning process by including sustainability as an agenda point for all meetings.
  4. Build sustainability considerations into the purchasing and selection process. Include detailed questions on sustainability practices as part of the Request for Proposal process.
  5. Develop a sustainability committee who plan for each client event, including elements for legacy and social justice opportunities, and create a communications plan to engage all stakeholders, including; sponsors, exhibitors, exhibition contractors and attendees to gain their commitment, engagement and support, in following sustainability practices.
  6. Follow the principle of reduce, reuse, recycle and build measurements to evaluate your impact.
  7. Reference the ABPCO CSR resources available in the members’ section of the web-site for top tips on how to achieve more sustainable events.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Commitment

As part of the Business Visits and Events Partnership’s (BVEP) vision to support sustainable growth for the UK Events Industry, it strives to encourage diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). BVEP accepts that its Partners have different memberships and face a variety of challenges in implementing interventions. The commitment to sign up to the attached aim, values, and principles, will result in different actions over various timescales. BVEP will encourage and facilitate collaborative actions.  - it can be found here

ABPCO collaborated with Positive Impact to see how we can influence change in the events industry.

We worked collaboratively with our members to recognise our influence in the areas of economic, social and environmental impact, and are developing tools and resources that can be utilised to take a sustainable approach. 

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We have committed to supporting EventWell

Eventwell are the Event Industry’s trailblazing charitable social enterprise, dedicated to cultivating better mental health and wellbeing in events.

We are here to support and serve our professional and business members and event industry community – within creative communications, experiential marketing, live and business events, exhibitions, travel and hospitality – with the knowledge and tools they need to stay event well.


“The Mental Health and Wellbeing Voice of the Event Industry”


To make tangible change to the Event Industry’s relationship with mental health and wellbeing, and provide vital support to any event professional affected by poor mental health


We enhance our members status and recognition as professionals

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