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Comments from the ABPCO member engagement survey 2017

‘It’s an extremely well run organisation, maintaining the right balance of friendly networking and professional education/representation.’   

‘The ABPCO events are always really well run and I make new connections at every event.  ABPCO feels like a family which is great.’

‘I’ve found that the knowledge I gain from speaking to other members at events keeps my finger on the pulse of the industry as much as the education content itself’

‘I find ABPCO more people orientated than other associations.’

‘I see value in my subscription and feel the quality of the offer by ABPCO is excellent, Heather knows everybody personally which makes a real difference.’

‘I have found it really helpful in my first year of membership, to help me gain a better understanding of the industry, its main players and what the main trends are.’

‘I have received more leads than any other networking membership I am involved in.’

‘I think ABPCO has come a long way over the last few years and I very much value being part of the association.  Keep up the good work :-)’

The roundtables give everyone the chance to have a say – I particularly like the Chatham House environment for the PCO round table that allows everyone to speak freely as one voice.’

‘ABPCO gives me the opportunity to keep up to date with latest news/developments in the industry’

‘We just joined ABPCO few months ago. We believe that it is important to be part of leading associations that support the industry’

‘The networking opportunities are really great they are never too large, new and familiar faces with a good balance of both.’

‘ABPCO gives me the ability to learn from fellow members and to help shape practice by sharing research findings.’


Why I became a member of ABPCO

Name: Barbara Blow

Company: TFI Meeting Point – the specialist PCO division of TFI Group with two further divisions providing event management and communication services to the pharma and corporate sectors. TFI Meeting Point engages with national and international associations to support them increase their audiences and maximise the value of their congress asset.

What were your main motivators for joining ABPCO?

Access to a network of like-minded PCOs in order to share experiences

To hear about industry trends and new developments

To receive business opportunities

To be able to demonstrate a respected brand in front of potential clients

What would you say to anyone thinking of joining ABPCO?  Definitely worth becoming a member if you want to be a real player in the UK PCO industry. Great lobbying organisation packing a punch where it counts. Good place to meet peers and hear latest industry developments. Very good value for money. Increasingly important place for lead generation.  If I were to apply for a new role, I would include ABPCO membership as part of my personal credentials

Name: Daphne Llewellyn Davies

Company: Campden BRI – the UK’s largest independent membership-based organisation carrying out research and development for the food and drinks industry worldwide.   We provide technical support to the food, drinks and allied industries. We serve 2,000+ member companies and other clients in 65+ countries.

When did you join ABPCO?  Many , many years ago – possibly 10

What were your main motivators for joining ABPCO?  It is a British, low cost association that adds credibility to our operation

What do you feel are the main benefits of being an ABPCO member?  To network with like minded professionals and personally evaluate my working practice compared with others.  Always looking at new ways to operate in an effective way.

What would you say to anyone thinking of joining ABPCO?  This investment  of  joining ABPCO provides a variety of opportunities to network with those working in a similar business and pick up new ways of operating, or  bounce concepts off.  Come on in the water’s lovely!!!

Name: Niamh Mangan

Company:  ApotheCom Scope Medical  – a medical communications agency which produces publications, meetings and other scientific services for the pharmaceutical industry.

What were your main motivators for joining ABPCO?  When I joined I was working as Scientific Conference Organiser for a scientific society. The main reason I joined was to belong to a professional body that understood and acknowledged what I did for a living, and recognised its importance.

What do you feel are the main benefits of being an ABPCO member?  Having a forum in which you can meet with peers, benchmark your ideas and share tips for success and best practice. The experience and areas of expertise within the membership is invaluable. Belonging to a membership organisation such as ABPCO provides an automatic network of support and contacts.

How has ABPCO helped you in your career?  Being a member of ABPCO helped me moved from my Scientific Conference Organiser role to my current role in a new company. Showing that I was committed to what I do and passionate enough to want to join an organisation helped prove how focussed I am to my new employer.

What would you say to anyone thinking of joining ABPCO?  You will reap so many rewards that you hadn’t even imagined would come as part of an ABPCO membership. Every different event I go to I learn something new and meet new people, and above all else the ABPCO members are a lovely bunch of people and will be extremely welcoming.