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UK and International Network

ABPCO can help you compete

on the international stage

through collaboration with

other UK associations.

Member Benefits

ABPCO Members benefit from

Recognition and Accreditation,

Business Leads, Networking, Training

and Government Representation

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Welcome to ABPCO

The Association of British Professional Conference Organisers Limited (ABPCO) was founded in 1981 and incorporated as a company limited by guarantee in 1987.

Our key objective is to facilitate, advise, mentor and offer guidance to those seeking the essential quality standards required to deliver a professional event.

ABPCO is one of very few UK conference and event industry associations to select Full and Associate Members based on peer assessment. This means that clients and suppliers can expect ABPCO Members to deliver business and ethical standards in the management of national and international association and corporate conferences, seminars, meetings, exhibitions and other events.

ABPCO Purpose

Proud to enable human enrichment through face to face gatherings.

To fulfil our Purpose, our Promise is

Promoting Excellence in Association Conferences and Events

ABPCO Vision

Creating the standard for association event management best practice

ABPCO Mission Statement

ABPCO’s mission is to develop and enhance the professional status of conference and event organisers and increase the recognition given to its members and to ABPCO as the leading representatives of the profession in the British Isles.

Strategic Aims

ABPCO’s strategic aims are to:

  • Position ABPCO as the leading body representing the interests of Professional Conference and Event Organisers and increase its profile and recognition thereby raising the volume and value of business being won by its members.
  • To constantly develop and enhance the benefits it provides to ABPCO members, who offer conference and event management services to clients, by creating opportunities for networking and by encouraging its members to achieve the highest possible standards of excellence
  • To raise standards of professionalism across the meetings industry through the provision of education, training and personal development opportunities
  • To ensure the UK meetings industry is able to compete on the world-stage through collaboration with other UK associations and national bodies (e.g. MPI, BVEP, Institute of Event Management, People 1st).

Accordingly, ABPCO must be recognised as;

  • An association with only the highest quality standards as recognised by its members, potential members and competitors.
  • Committed to continuous improvement of the association and its members through exceeding customer expectation.
  • A trusted and informed voice within the conferencing and events industry.

To achieve the mission, ABPCO members work to an ABPCO agreed Code of Practice, defining the obligations of a Professional Conference Organiser (PCO) and his/her relations with clients.

ABPCO Values and Pillars

Excellence:  leading industry best practice with passion, professionalism and integrity
To create a focused positive external voice for the benefit of all members in a way that builds the ABPCO brand and communicates  the integrity of the membership.

Learning:  encouraging knowledge sharing
To raise standards of professionalism in association conference and event organisation through the provision and signposting of education, training, peer group knowledge sharing programmes and partnering with Universities to source and disseminate original research and content to members.

Belonging: supporting and connecting our member community through collaboration
To ensure ongoing effective communication with members to maximise their perceived membership value


Management of ABPCO

ABPCO is managed by Association Management Consultants, Association Director  Heather Lishman. The activities of the Association are overseen and directed, on behalf of the members, by an Executive Committee.