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The Power of Events

The Power of Events

The Power of Events (UK) is a not-for-profit company established in 2022 to deliver a much-needed comprehensive platform that for the first time provides a one-stop showcase of the UK events industry. The website allows everyone to explore all the elements that make up this diverse industry across the Four Nations. This platform maps out the seven core sectors and signposts to the four key industry communities – the multiple trade associations, the support organisations, industry media and UK universities working as research partners to support the data needs of the industry.

The Power of Events (UK) has developed partnerships with universities across all Four Nations to help design and deliver research and data that demonstrates the social, economic and cultural impacts of events of all types across the UK. These work projects will be accessible to all who need them, with the industry and academic communities constantly engaged to identify what research is required to support and enhance the understanding of the UK events industry’s value, development and resilience.

The Power of Events (UK) is supported by a wide range of businesses and organisations from across the 7 core event industry sectors. The mission that The Power of Events (UK) is committed to delivering is simple. It aims to showcase, respect and value the world-leading UK events industry.


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