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Ms Tara Tattersall
Industry Member

Ms Tara Tattersall

Imago Venues

Personal Statement

Our mission at Imago Venues is to create a world-class business that consistently delivers fabulous meetings, dining, and sleep. We believe in the power of creating a place where people love to be, and this vision guides our every endeavor. Imago Venues proudly boasts five award-winning conference venues in Leicestershire, making us the premiere choice for conferencing, meetings, and events in the region.

Role & Skill Areas

We go beyond delivering exceptional services; we are dedicated to fostering long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships. I focus on the association and charities sector, and our goal is to discover innovative pathways to help our clients achieve their objectives. I am committed to listening to unique challenges, co-creating tailored solutions, and providing support every step of the way.

Expertise in managing award-winning conference venues, ensuring fabulous meetings, dining, and sleep experiences. Demonstrated ability to discover innovative pathways and solutions to meet client goals and stay ahead in a dynamic industry. Core strength lies in establishing and nurturing professional relationships, with a focus on networking to create opportunities.


My passion lies in maintaining and extending client relationships, networking and relationship building from the connections that I make. I am very much a believer in working on a partnership basis with communication being at the heart of this. With over two decades of working in the customer experience sector, I have cultivated a deep understanding of client expectations and delivering on this.

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