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Event Intelligence Experiences Outstanding Growth for 2023

Event Intelligence Experiences Outstanding Growth for 2023

GES EMEA as witnessed huge growth in its Event Intelligence business this year, as event marketers and exhibitors continue to prize more sophisticated insight from exhibitions. The results reflect a market trend that the Event Intelligence suite of products ideally caters for - helping customers use data and performance measures to maximise the sales and marketing potential of their events.

The products are designed to track pre, during, and post event behaviours, providing real time information to exhibitors and exhibition organisers. The data helps them adapt sales and marketing messages and behaviours to increase audience engagement in the run up to, and during the event itself.

During recent months alone, its data management tools have been used at events in 18 different countries including ICE London, iGB Affiliate London, Arab Health, Futurebuild, Medlab Middle East, The Battery Show Europe LEAP, Spring Fair, Pharmapack, Paris Packaging Week, World Police Summit (Dubai), World Utilities Congress (Abu Dhabi), and Vitafoods Europe.

In addition, in one month alone, the business tracked over ½ million (544K) registrations, including a 10-day period where the team processed a phenomenal 650k attendees facilitating 1.3 registrations per second.

“Increasingly marketers are getting more and more savvy about data and how it can inform their choices and drive their strategy. Event Intelligence is the right product for its time and delivers key insights for our customers so that they can continue to evolve and improve,” said Gerard Conway, Global Enterprise Director, GES EMEA. “This is why we’re seeing this growth, and it should be seen as a positive sign for the industry as a whole.”

Josh Sinclair, Head of Technology at Informa Connect, commented, “It’s all about the data for us. The more we have it, the more we can make real time decisions that attract new guests to our events and increase their experience and engagement at them. The more sophisticated the data the better decision making. At the moment we’re in a purple patch for this level of insight, and it’s helping us grow the size and quality of our experiences.”

As the industry employs increasingly analytical approaches to event marketing, products such as Event Intelligence afford organisers, exhibitors, and attendees essential, rich data-driven insights.



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