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MCI, the global leader in association solutions, meetings, events, and conferences, announces the launch of a new virtual consulting product to future proof associations through strategic transformation – F.A.S.T.© by MCI.

This revolutionary 12-week consulting programme is virtual strategic planning at a distance, enabling association leaders to receive structured advisory consulting on how to rethink and refine their approach to remain relevant in the digital age and also enhance their member and community value.

F.A.S.T.© by MCI (Future-proof Association Strategic Transformation) is a proprietary methodology based on MCI’s experience of conducting some 50 consulting projects a year coupled with their 30 years of knowledge and expertise of providing strategic and management solutions to associations around the world.

Association leaders are invited to take the Future-Readiness Assessment to help them understand how ready their organisation is to deliver value and thrive in the new normal.

The outcome of the consulting programme is a detailed Transformation Roadmap with Must-Win Battles and short-term actions that are essential for the association to thrive.

Core to F.A.S.T.© by MCI programme is a Transformation Task Force (TTF). The TTF consists of 12 individuals who represent the leadership and diversity of each association and community. They are supported by MCI consultants who guide the association through developing a tailored road map for resilience and growth. The stepped online approach allows the TTF to assess a series of innovative white papers on trends, competencies, engagement strategies, new ways of working and data & AI-driven business models to help them prioritise innovation, relevance and member value.

Additionally, MCI consultants interview thought-leaders and survey association members, customers and industry partners to fully integrate a thorough assessment of stakeholder needs, engagement requirements and financial essentials.

The association TTF and MCI consultants co-create a tailored transformation roadmap enabling organisations to:

  • Provide more meaningful engagement and value for their members and stakeholders
  • Ensure future-proofed and sustainable revenue growth
  • Maintain relevance for their community: members, partners, customers, and sponsors

Nikki Walker, Global Vice President Association Management & Consulting, MCI says, “As the world is shifting to digital technology and engagement, associations are forced to rethink their strategy. The global COVID-19 epidemic has accelerated this process. Association leaders face challenges to keep up with today’s volatile, disruptive and rapidly changing environment. They are forced to adapt their structure, way of working and business model.

The F.A.S.T. programme converts years of MCI expertise into a three-month transformation programme, which ensures that the operation and business models of each association are digitally ready, future-proofed and agile’’.

With more than 100 global accounts under management, MCI helps associations and non-profit organisations grow, increase their community engagement and digital presence, innovate their events and enhance their business results. MCI organises around 5,100 association and conference projects per year and has unique knowledge on how to design relevant market-driven strategies that deliver integrated solutions and ensure each association follows a proven route to success.

Discover the F.A.S.T.© by MCI programme at

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