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New values lead to further benefits for ABPCO members

New values lead to further benefits for ABPCO members

Following ABPCO’s decision to adopt Excellence, Learning and Belonging as its core values, the association has responded to several other member suggestions that will add significant value to its offering over the coming year.

“Each of our new initiatives fits comfortably amongst our refined values making them great for the association, whilst ensuring they directly benefit our members,” comments Therese Dolan, joint chair of ABPCO.  “The changes reflect suggestions made by our members as part of our annual engagement survey.  They have been refined by our executive board and are in the process of being rolled out.”

Excellence – leading industry best practice with passion, professionalism and integrity

  • The commissioning of a video that demonstrates the associations credibility and focus on excellence over the last 30 years.
  • A greater focus on ABPCO’s strapline – Promoting Excellence in Association Conferences and Events whilst promoting the additional message that ABPCO is ‘Proud to enable human enrichment through face to face gatherings.’

Learning – encouraging knowledge sharing

  • Additional round-table discussions led by ABPCO will be added to the event programme, including a series led by University Partners.
  • Greater signposting of third-party learning and education opportunities such as those led by IAPCO, where ABPCO members receive preferential rates.
  • The development of KnowledgeShare Forums – a platform to develop relationships and learning amongst in-house PCOs

Belonging – supporting and connecting our member community through collaboration

  • Development and growth of the mentoring scheme that has already seen several individuals grow their careers through a focused one to one relationship with a relevant industry leader.
  • A greater balance of events is being sought across the year, including a summer rather than winter AGM/Conference – separating the associations two main gatherings (subject to membership ratification).
  • Growth in use and facilities on the ABPCO app to allow a greater sense of community.

Rose Padmore, joint chair of ABPCO, concludes: “Ultimately we exist to serve the needs of our members.  Each year we ask what they want and how we can ensure we are relevant and providing value for the investment they make both in terms of money and time.  I am looking forward to seeing these new initiatives develop over the coming year and expect them to inspire positive responses.”

ABPCO, celebrating its 30th anniversary this year,  offers membership to UK conference and event organisers, those studying for or pursuing a career in the meetings and event industry, and individuals and organisations working across all spectrums of the industry. For more information visit

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