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The industry wants a four-day week: Announcing the results from the 2023 Annual Events Industry Salary Survey

The industry wants a four-day week: Announcing the results from the 2023 Annual Events Industry Salary Survey

The results of the 2023 Annual Events Industry Salary Survey show that the majority of employees in the industry (55%) would like to work a four-day week.

Other key findings include:

  • The majority of businesses are doing well, with just over half (54%) either at pre-pandemic levels or doing better than before.
  • Three quarters of the industry are working hybrid or fully remotely with the majority of those people (54%) working either two or three days in the office.
  • 80% of the industry say that a company’s stance on supporting mental health would impact on their decision to work there.

Now in its second year, the Annual Events Industry Salary Survey has become a critical tool that provides invaluable insights and equips industry stakeholders with the knowledge and data needed to adapt and excel in an ever-shifting environment.

Robert Kenward, fitability® recruiter, founder of You Search and Select, and founder of the survey said: “Our employees are the lifeblood of the industry, and the survey was launched to ensure that employers could keep pace with their evolving needs. A four-day week topped the list of benefits employees would like to have and is a seismic shift in the way we work. Fundamentally we have to recognise that things need to change because our industry is not set up to work a four-day week, and those that try are asking for the same work in fewer days, this is compressed hours.”

Felicia Asiedu, marketing director Europe at Cvent said: “This year’s research once again highlights challenges in the sector, but more importantly it shows us solutions - it demonstrates how to support our teams and meet their needs. What we must do now is listen and respond in a collaborative way for the betterment of all.”

Dale Parmenter, CEO DRPG said: “The input to the survey helps us track progress, identify areas that need improvement, and collectively shape a more inclusive and thriving future for our industry. It’s great to see the improvements in some areas, but we still have a few target issues that we need to keep at the top of our lists as industry leaders for 2024. When it comes to company benefits, a bottom-up approach can foster inclusivity, empowerment, and better customisation of benefits for all team members. It’s simple really, just start by allowing the conversation.”

Will Grashoff, co-founder of You Exclusive said: “Something we pride ourselves on is the insight we can provide to our clients. We would not be able to do this without data analysis as up to date and as accurate as the salary survey. Most data is often years old, and in such a fast-moving industry, completely useless by the time it’s used.”

The survey was conducted through the summer and early autumn of 2023 and is based on information given anonymously by 1332 respondents. Questions were grouped into 12 key topics – including salaries, benefits, ways of working, mental health, post covid recovery and recruitment trends.

The white paper dissects these findings and highlights trends, with comment from prominent industry employers and spokespeople.

The survey was produced by You Search and Select in association with Cvent, drpg and You Exclusive, and supported by the Meetings Industry Association (mia). The white paper was compiled, researched and written by Jill Hawkins.

The white paper is free to download from the You Search and Select website:

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