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November 5th 2019

The Marketer’s Interactive Guide to Identifying Buying Signals at Live Events

Heather Lishman image by Heather Lishman

Learn to harness digital breadcrumbs to build robust prospect profiles and transform leads from net-new to sales-ready in under 24-hours.

Explore this interactive guide today!

Live events are a gold mine to learn about your prospects. By analysing the digital trail of attendees through the sessions they attend, the stands they engage with, and the feedback they provide, you get crucial insights into their pains, aspirations, and buying preferences. These digital breadcrumbs help you identify and gather buying signals and build complete attendee profiles.

Nearly 75% of event professionals don’t leverage attendee data to capture better-quality leads and make their events more effective, mainly due to a lack of knowledge or the desired tech.

With this guide, you will learn how to collect, track, and decode buying signals at multiple touch points across your event. By building a robust attendee profile, you will learn how to utilise this critical information to transform it into value-added exchanges that will help you prioritise leads for sales and marketing follow-up after the event.

This guide will help you:

  • Personalise your event
  • Produce a higher volume of quality leads
  • Track and deliver ROI

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