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LVP Reports Rise in Roadshows header internal LVP Reports Rise in Roadshows header internal


LVP Reports Rise in Roadshows header internal
March 15th 2019

LVP Reports Rise in Roadshows

Heather Lishman image by Heather Lishman

Lime Venue Portfolio (LVP) has seen a significant rise in roadshow events, according to its year on year data from 2018. The group has also seen more enquiries for roadshow events in the first 6 months of its 18/19 financial year, than in the whole of the previous 12 months, making it one of the most popular event types being booked in 2019.

The research indicates a growing opportunity for the industry to work with brands to encourage events that engage delegates more locally.

Roadshows are characterised by a business’ need to spread a central message or piece of learning across a large region, usually nationally, through a series of events. Further research from LVP suggests that the resurgence of these events is aligned with the need for businesses to go to delegations rather than expect them to come to a central event. Equally, while some of these events are held simultaneously, linking content together through webcasting, others take place consecutively and with production and AV transported throughout the chosen region.

Award winning event agency, The Live Group, has been an proactive contributor to the growth in roadshows, encouraging many customers to use this kind of event: “We’ll usually suggest a roadshow for internal events, to help our clients cut the cost of transporting thousands of people to a central destination, especially if the message or content needs to have a local flavour,” commented Toby Lewis, CEO, The Live Group.

“But it’s also about organising a modern event that respects delegate’s time and looks to engage them where they are, and not expect them to have the resource to travel, often the length of the country, for its content,” continues Toby. “We like events that are happy to take on a local message, in a local venue, and meet people more personally with a tailored message.”

“This is a subtle but an important trend, more aligned with the kind of delegates events are now targeting,” comments Kerry Wright, Head of Group Sales, Lime Venue Portfolio. “Today’s delegations are even more time poor, and travel is expensive in time as well as money, so events that come to the delegation are often well received and have a better chance of engaging the target audience.”

“Unique and unusual venues also lend themselves well to this sort of event. They will often have a local  flavour or theme, be they an attraction or a sports stadium” concludes Wright. “Through Lime Venue Portfolio, roadshow events can also be booked centrally in the same way as a traditional hotel or conference group, saving time for the organiser, with a consistent and high quality standard.”

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