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May 7th 2020

Risk Management for Event Planning: What to Do When a Crisis Strikes

Heather Lishman image by Heather Lishman

Plan ahead with a comprehensive crisis management framework!

As an event organiser, you are no stranger to crisis. Dealing with last-minute cancellations such as a key vendor backing out, equipment failure, staff shortage, and unavailability of transport are issues you are all too familiar with. In all likelihood, you have planned in advance for these one-off disruptions and have a backup plan to stay in control of things. But when a massive disruption strikes on an unprecedented scale, you need to be more agile than ever. This means carefully thinking through all aspects of your total event programme – the events you host, the events you attend, and internal events – and stay prepared to act and pivot quickly.

This eBook provides a comprehensive look at crisis management for events by exploring it through three stages:

  •  Adapt: What do you need to do to address the current situation? What data and systems do you need to take immediate action?
  • Evolve: What lessons did you learn in the crisis and how do you move towards recovery? What are the areas that you adapted that may become an ongoing part of your events programme in the future?
  • Accelerate: Once you understand the lessons learned, how can you incorporate those learnings to accelerate your programme for even greater success in the future? What does your programme need to look like to drive future leads?

Download the ebook now!

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